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After NYAKANG’O claimed that Uhuru’s government pushed her to approve Sh 15 billion, MAANZO defended her

Dan Maanzo, a Makueni County Senator, has defended Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang’o, claiming that she is innocent.

Maanzo said in an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday that Nyakango is experienced and doing her job.

In this scenario, the worst that Nyakang’o can be is a witness in a court of law. “The lady is not guilty,” Maanzo stated.

“They should be migrant enough to share and not frustrate a lady who went through Parliament,” says one. She has extensive experience. “She was just doing her job,” Maanzo explained.

This comes after Nyakang’o revealed on Tuesday that she approved cash withdrawals totaling more than Sh15 billion under duress.

Nyakang’o testified before the National Assembly Public Petitions Committee, saying she noticed several irregularities but had to approve due to time constraints.

The withdrawals under the roads annuity program totaled about Sh9 billion, with Sh6 billion going toward telecom payments.


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