KINDIKI cancels birth certificates that have already been issued due to a government error


300 Birth Certificates were invalidated by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki after they suddenly vanished from government agencies.

The Lugari and Marakwet Sub-counties’ credentials were misplaced, Civil Registration Services announced in a statement.

Three booklets with the serial numbers 8335001-83352100, 4916001-4916100 from Lugari, and 8464001-8464100 from Marakwet contained the documents.

The warning recommended anyone who may have received a certificate with one of the aforementioned serial numbers to return it to the secretary of civil registration services.

The certificates will be delivered to the department’s office in Nairobi’s lower hill on fourth flour at Hass Plaza. The impacted Kenyans will receive assistance in submitting new applications.

The impacted birth certificates were also declared invalid and were unable to be presented as official papers, the CRS informed the general public.

Depending on the area where the application was made, the Ministry estimates that processing certifications takes four to six weeks.

The recall fits into Kindiki’s strategy to increase efficiency and streamline services at the State Department of Immigration and Civil Services.

All Kenyans are required to submit their birth certificates when applying for public or private services because they are recognized as official government documents.

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