Home News RACHEL RUTO, the first lady, will conduct national prayers against LGBTQ

RACHEL RUTO, the first lady, will conduct national prayers against LGBTQ


First Lady Rachel Ruto has deemed the LGBTQ community a threat to the structure of the family, despite the fact that Kenyans continue to criticize the Supreme Court’s decision allowing the LGBTQ community to create an association.

The wife of President William Ruto claims that continuing the LGBTQ discussion poses a threat to the family unit and must be avoided.

“We want to enhance the institution of the family, which consists of a mother, a father, and children. Even the Bible and African culture forbid Homosexuals. Let’s preserve family values, she stated during a Meru County church service.

The First Lady promised to lead the national invocations against the LGBTQ, claiming that it was tearing apart the social and cultural fabric of Africa.

She stated that she will be promoting a culture of prayer throughout the nation through her Faith Diplomacy Office.

The First Lady stated that a program has been created “to ensure family values are safeguarded” and that the Faith Diplomacy Office will carry prayers to the rest of the nation.

I want to ask for family-related prayers. The family has evolved into an institution that is frequently under attack. Children will have issues if their parents are not cohabiting harmoniously, according to Mama Rachel.

Rachel observed that because families are no longer solid, many kids are losing themselves in material pleasures.

We will support families by praying for them and visiting schools to share the gospel, she said.

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