Student turns his hostel room into a mini-mart where he sells household goods and now has a staff member (VIDEO)


Social media erupted when a Nigerian student disclosed that he had turned his dormitory room into a mini-mart.

Ezidiukwu Chinemerem Prosper, an Imo State University student at the 300 level, posted pictures of the room business on Facebook.

According to Prosper, the company has been operating smoothly so far.

Imo native disclosed that he launched the company during his first year of college since he was unsure of what the future would hold at the moment.

I’ve been selling since my first year, he said. “I started back again after the pandemic,” I just had to stop during the pandemic. My choice was influenced by the fact that I brought extra money to university. I had to use the money wisely because I had no idea how difficult education would be.” I invested in a refrigerator and initially had little inventory.” As a result of hiring a worker to help him with his business, Prosper is now an employer of labor. The young man stated that it was really challenging at first, but with practice, he managed to balance it with his academic work.

He enjoyed the overwhelming backing and favoritism that the students in the dorm and the neighborhood showed him. “Starting was challenging because I had to balance work and school, and I was falling behind in the business (My priority is to my education) but as time went on and I started making extra money from my other businesses like, Sells of Data, TV Cable subscription, Electricity unit, etc… “I was able to hire someone, so don’t worry. With inventories, I’m competent. Since I didn’t anticipate my convicts would buy as much from me, I increased my stock, which was a risk, but thus far, business has been good.


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