KALONZO addresses dumping RAILA and disliking his anti-RUTO protests


The leader of the Wiper Party, Kalonzo Musyoka, has sought to make clear where he stands on Raila Odinga’s proposal for a series of protests in Nairobi.

This is in response to rumors that he had broken up with Raila and disregarded his anti-William Ruto demonstrations after saying he does not recognize him as president.

In response to a false media alert, Kalonzo declared his unwavering support for Raila.

The former vice president urged Kenyans to maintain their composure and avoid getting distracted by spreaders of false information.

Kalonzo additionally cautioned Kenyans against consuming false information on social media platforms via his communications director, Paloma Gatabaki.

Our focus has been brought to a poster bearing the NTV emblem that quotes the leader of the Wiper Party, Kalonzo Musyoka.

“This is the epitome of false information! When Stephen Kaolozo Musyoka talks, Kenyans will be aware of it, Gatabaki stated on Twitter.

On Monday, Kalozo was one of the lawmakers who greeted Raila upon his return from his trip to South Africa.

Later, the leaders of Azimio La Umoja traveled to Kibera’s Kamukunji Grounds, where they held a protest gathering and declared an uprising against Ruto.


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