OPARANYA urges President RUTO, “Behave sensibly and stop insulting UHURU.”


Wycliffe Oparanya, a former governor of Kakamega County, has cautioned that President William Ruto’s public criticisms of his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta and other statements may cause strife among Kenyans.

Speaking on Friday, Oparanya lamented that President Ruto had “forgotten that the president is a symbol of national unity.” Oparanya is also the deputy party leader of the ODM.

According to Oparanya, there have been unhealthful reversals of important policy decisions where the idea of communal responsibility would have been allowed to flourish as well as a continual escalation of hostility against Uhuru.

“Due to this conduct, I implore the president to refrain from using his arsenal against his predecessor to depict him as a failed Head of State even though they ran the government and made policies and other decisions jointly as his deputy,” stated Oparanya.
He claimed that the attacks take place in circumstances where one should anticipate the President to display greater patriotism and defend the reputation of his predecessor.

All of these signs suggest that our government is determined to play nasty, divisive politics at the expense of all of the commitments made, he said.

The constant criticism of the past president is unquestionably a distraction strategy used by Kenyans to avoid calling on the Kenya kwanza government to keep its promises to the people. Oparaya claimed that Azimio supporters had not even recovered from the manner the IEBC handled the polls, adding that they have not yet come to terms with the results of the botched elections.


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