RAILA ODINGA may have received 8.1 million votes, whereas RUTO received 5.9 million, making him the winner of the election. As per MANYORA


Prof. Herman Manyora, a distinguished professor at the University of Nairobi, endorsed the assertions made by Jeremiah Kioni, secretary general of the Jubilee Party, claiming Raila Odinga received 8.1 million votes to win the election last year.

In a news conference on Tuesday, Kioni stated that they had received a dossier from an IEBC insider stating that Raila Odinga had received 8.1 million votes and President William Ruto had received 5.9 million votes, making them the winners of the election.

Speaking on his YouTube website on Friday, Manyora claimed that two months prior to the election, he had predicted that Raila Odinga would win, and that Kioni’s assertions could be accurate.

“I wouldn’t be astonished if Raila actually won 57% of the vote, if that turns out to be the case. When I looked at the polls two months ago, I believed Raila had reached the 52 percent mark. In the decisive pitch, I was able to anticipate Raila’s behavior,” Manyora claimed.


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