Legendary Kenyan musician NAZIZI displays her opulent property, which is the stuff of dreams (PHOTOs).


Nazizi Hirji, a seasoned musician from Kenya and a former member of the East African Bashment Crew, is a happy homeowner.

She posted pictures of her opulent property with a swimming pool on social media and claimed that it took her two years to finish the renovation.

She is pleased of herself for putting so much effort and sacrifice into her first construction project.

“Giving thanks for two years of incredibly hard labor, my dream home, which was my first-ever construction project, is almost finished! JAH KNOW, this has been one of my most difficult assignments.

“This journey has taught me a great deal. The mother of two wrote, “People just see the glamor; very few know the story.

She expressed her gratitude to her father for supporting her as she toiled diligently to finish the costly job.


For six months, we were without power here! No ceilings or floors… a lot of sacrifice, and I want to thank @firozhirji for leading by example throughout the entire process. I’ll be posting before and after pictures to motivate you to keep trying.

I’m telling you this to let you know that you shouldn’t give up, no matter how lofty or unattainable your goal may appear, she continued.

Here are some pictures of the mansion.


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