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Watch in shock as RUTO discredits MUDAVADI by altering the conditions of their prior agreement even before elections! Mwana wa HANNAH was surprised by the DP’s response.

The arrangement that Deputy President William Ruto struck with ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi appears to have been modified.

This comes after he placed pressure on him to secure 90 percent of the vote in his Vihiga neighborhood instead of the earlier-agreed-upon 70 percent if he wants to receive anything from the Kenya Kwanza government.

Ruto asserts that the projected 70 percent was insufficient to stop Raila Odinga of Azimio from winning the area, which has a high voter turnout.

The percentage of Vihigas who desire it is very low—only 70%. At the very least, pull this up. A result of 90% is preferable. DP Ruto said to Mudavadi, “We want you to give us 90%.

The DP’s plan is to attempt to free the area from Raila’s tight hold. In past elections, Baba received a tremendous amount of support from the wider Western area.

Days before the general election, Raila and Ruto are both under pressure to persuade the populace to support them and cast more ballots.

Ruto has continued to attack Raila with his charm offensive efforts in an effort to reach his aim of at least 70 percent, which would ensure that the Western Kenya area would receive 30 percent of the government’s share if Ruto were to win the election.


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