If he wins, RUTO has no intention of protecting UHURU in retirement. Jubilee is afraid because of what WETANGULA stated.


If Deputy President William Ruto prevails in the presidential election in August, President Uhuru Kenyatta has every right to be concerned.

This comes after it was discovered that, if Bungoma Senator Wetangula’s remark is to be believed, he ran the prospect of being imprisoned.

Wetangula claims that if Uhuru acts inconstitutionally after retiring, he runs the risk of losing the respect and security the Kenya Kwanza government has offered him.

Wetangula attacked the president with his bare hands, alleging that he had night meetings where he plotted to rig the election results to remove Ruto and replace him with his “project,” Raila Odinga of Azimio.

Wetangula stated in response to the accusations made regarding Uhuru’s meetings that they would not permit the will of the people to be overridden.

“Mr. President, there are only nine days left, and it is sad that you are currently holding illegal night meetings in an effort to rig the election.

“We want you to know that you are protected by the law and cannot be sued. Wetangula responded, “Subject to your proper conduct, we have promised to respect and guard you in your retirement.

The leader of Ford Kenya instructed Uhuru to get ready to leave with Raila Odinga because they are confident that Ruto will win the August polls very early in the morning.

“Tunakushauri, wachana na hii mkutano za usiku. Ni hizi siku zimebakiata ulifanya nini, Kitendawili anastahafu anaenda Nyumbani vile wewe unaenda nyumbani,” he said.

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