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Observe the tantalizing millions that RUTO will receive if RAILA defeats him in the August presidential election. He will triumph in either scenario.

Should Raila Odinga of the Azimio party defeat William Samoei Ruto in the presidential election on August 9, Ruto is expected to receive millions of shillings.

The Retirement Benefits (Deputy President and Designated State Officers) Act, 2015 stipulates that Ruto will get a monthly pension until his death that is equal to 80% of his monthly income.

Ruto’s pay was reduced from Ksh1.4 million to Ksh1.23 million per month in the National Treasury’s supplemental budget for this year, translating to a Ksh11.8 million yearly pension.

In addition, Ruto would receive Ksh29.5 million upon retirement, which is computed as the sum of his annual salaries for the two times he in office.

Additionally, Ruto will receive two saloon cars with 2,000cc or less engine capacity, replaced every four years.

He will also receive a single, four-wheel drive vehicle with an engine no bigger than 3,000 cc, which will similarly be updated every four years.

Ruto will also receive a monthly gasoline allowance of Ksh184,500. The DP will have access to comprehensive medical and hospital coverage from a recognized insurance provider, covering both domestic and international treatment, together with his wife, Rachael Ruto.

Including two drivers, one personal assistant, one accountant, one secretary, two housekeepers, and two senior support workers, the second in command will also receive additional benefits.

Additional services include two cooks, two gardeners, two cleaners, armed security guards on call, diplomatic passports for the DP and his wife, offices and office supplies, vehicle maintenance costs, and entry to the VIP lounge II at all Kenyan airports.


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