See how DP RUTO nearly beat up WILLIAM KABOGO to understand his violent nature and anger management concerns.


William Ruto, the deputy president, came close to defeating William Kabogo, the former governor of Kiambu County, according to renowned political strategist Benji Ndolo.

Benji, an assistant to former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka, claimed in a social media post on Sunday that he had heard from a friend that Kabogo and Ruto had argued and nearly fought in front of their shocked bodyguards.

Benji implied that the showdown had escalated into a violent brawl by saying that his friend worked at the place where it all occurred and has hated the DP ever since.

I’ll let others recount the story, but the threat was really real and terrifying, ikabidi heshimu idumu. “Kuna siku Kafogo na Ulliam waliletana juu. There, my acquaintance worked; she is present. utterly detests dp.” Jian tweeted.

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