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As he discusses the growing divisions within the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, KABOGO now recounts how RUTO tricked him into endorsing his presidential campaign.

William Kabogo, the leader of the Tujibebe Wakenya party, has revealed the real reason he decided to back Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential campaign.

In an interview yesterday, Kabogo discussed how Ruto tricked him into supporting him, which he naively did.

Kabogo disclosed that his support for Ruto was based on Ruto’s pledge to distribute more money to counties in accordance with population, giving Kiambu the second-largest portion of the budget.

He did observe Ruto had not yet formalized their verbal agreement by writing it down.

Kabogo claims that Ruto’s failure to take the agreements he made with the political parties who support him seriously is the cause of the Kenya Kwanza coalition’s growing divisions.

“I only joined Kenya Kwanza because DP Ruto agreed with me that additional money allocation to counties should be based on population, and that it would be written in writing,” said Ruto.

“The agreement was a generic one pending the insertion of specifics into the accord which regrettably has not transpired until now,” he said.


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