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UHURU’s wise decision to give up his campaigning is helping RAILA greatly — Look! Even RUTO is in disbelief.


Even though he publicly supported flag-bearer Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta chose not to participate in Azimio’s campaigns. This decision appears to be a blessing in disguise for Baba rather than a curse as predicted by Deputy President William Ruto and his team.

The Kenya Kwanza has been disparaging and making fun of Raila Odinga, stating that even Uhuru has deserted him by skipping out on his campaigns, and that Baba is certain to lose.

However, however, political expert Herman Manyora expressed his opinion that Uhuru’s retreat was a well-planned move that would ultimately benefit Raila.

Manyora argued that by staying out of the campaigns, the President neutralized Kenya Kwanza, who had been utilizing the idea of the “project” to attack Raila and sabotage his candidacy.

“Showing his face in the ads could be harmful since it strengthens the perception that Raila is a project,” he said.

Vice Chair of the Jubilee party David Murathe reiterated his thoughts, saying that Ruto’s team was disturbed by the absence since they could no longer ride in the project tag.

Murathe says that Raila has experienced significant success ever since Uhuru took a backseat, which has angered the Kenya Kwanza.



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