Check out the chaos. On Saturday and Sunday, DP RUTO intends to sow havoc in Nairobi; security forces must be vigilant to avoid chaos.


Deputy President William Ruto and his friends, according to revered blogger and human rights activist Robert Alai, are plotting mayhem in Nairobi on Saturday and Sunday.

Ruto and his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, Alai stated in a social media post on Thursday, have scheduled a series of events in Nairobi on Saturday and Sunday to demonstrate President Uhuru Kenyatta that he still has control of Nairobi politics.

Ruto is preparing to recruit 15,000 goons to wander the city for these two days, according to Alai, who is running for Kileleshwa Ward on the ODM ticket.

Ruto, according to the blogger, is paying the kids Sh 3000 apiece to assault the city.

“Ruto is preparing some mayhem in Nairobi on the 4th and 5th of May. On the 5th of June, there will be a rally in Kamukunji. Nairobi’s “economy summit” takes place on the 4th. After submitting documents on the 5th, they want 15,000 people to gather at Kamukunji to “display Uhuru might.” “Each will receive Sh 3000,” Alai stated on Twitter.


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