Following the release of fresh IEBC data showing that BABA defeated RUTO by a wide majority in August, KALONZO warns the nation to expect more bombshells when RAILA arrives.


The nation will be in for further surprises when former prime minister Raila Odinga returns from South Africa, according to Azimio leaders.

This is consistent with recent information provided by an IEBC whistleblower, which showed that the August election, which Raila easily won, was actually rigged by Wafula Chebukati in favor of President William Ruto.

Speaking to reporters yesterday at the Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (SKM) Command Centre in Nairobi, the Azimio principals echoed the claims made by the whistleblowers that Raila Odinga defeated Ruto in the 2022 General Election by a landslide.

They pointed out that according to the fresh data, Raila received 8.1 million votes whereas Ruto only received 5.9 million at the most recent election.

However, according to Chebukati’s official results, Ruto defeated Odinga with 7.18 million votes (or 50.49 percent) to 6.94 million votes (48.85 per cent).

Kenyans will undoubtedly be informed about the upcoming course of action, Musyoka said, adding that they are currently waiting for Raila Odinga to return from South Africa so that we can map out the future.

The Azimio team promised to soon make public more alarming revelations regarding the rigged presidential election of 2022.

When Raila comes back, expect more surprises, warned Musyoka.

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