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More members of the notorious “Mbogi La Izram Gang,” which has terrorized defenseless Kenyans in Kakamega, have been detained.


Detectives have increased their continuing crackdown on criminal gangs in Kakamega and the greater Western Kenya region, arresting two surviving members of the dismantled “Mbogi la Izram Territory” gang.

Omar Juma, 35, and Clinton Emonye, 21, two suspects, were detained yesterday evening in Kakamega town near the Julika Petrol Station as they were getting ready to commit a crime.

The two led detectives to their home at Kakoi Corner, close to Kabras Market, where various electronic and household goods suspected of having been stolen were recovered. The two were armed with crude weapons, including metal cutters and sharp metal rods.

They are being detained at the Kakamega Police Station while awaiting their court appearance.
A broad security operation is currently under way in Western Kenya and areas of Nyanza to dismantle criminal organizations that have endangered communities’ safety and security.

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