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As he forecasts an ODM defeat in Luo Nyanza in August, JOHN MBADI surprises RAILA. See what BABA erred in that might have cost him the votes of the Luo?

Raila Odinga is having trouble sleeping because of the growing opposition to the six-piece voting system in the Nyanza area.

Following the chaotic ODM party primaries, candidates from smaller parties that are a member of the Azimio are gradually gaining support.

ODM party National Chairman John Mbadi expressed concern that if candidates continue to use the six-piece as a campaign technique, the party risks losing more seats.

Mbadi asserts that ODM will likely lose to rival parties in the counties of Siaya, Migori, Homa Bay, and Kisumu because it lacked policies and effective campaign tactics in place of propaganda.

“If we start criticizing them and talking about six-piece, it would harm our campaign for Raila,” Mbadi added. “We have several political parties in the Azimio alliance that also have their candidates.”

Mbadi, who withdrew from the Homa Bay governor’s contest, recommended ODM candidates to promote their policies rather than disparage their rivals.

“As a party, we must resolve our differences graciously and truthfully. I’m not here to win favor with anyone, so let the ODM candidates canvass the community for support. If you don’t do that, then I see many ODM candidates losing,” he continued. “Stop living in ivory towers and chest-thumping. Instead, appeal for votes with humility.

Mbadi’s comments coincide with accusations of sabotaging the campaigns of ODM candidates from some ODM party members.

Mbadi has been charged of failing to support ODM candidates despite serving as the national chairman.


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