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Here is the intelligence report that ABABU NAMWAMBA disclosed and that RAILA is furious over.


Ababu Namwamba, a former Budalangi MP and a member of Deputy President William Ruto’s campaign secretariat, is now certain that the Kenya Kwanza faction will prevail in the first round of voting for president with 60 percent of the vote.

The former Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for Foreign Affairs said in an interview that they had conducted their own polling and expressed confidence in Ruto’s victory.

Given the size of Raila Odinga’s primary constituency, he indicated that the DP had an advantage over him in the votes.

The former Raila ally claimed that the Kenya Kwanza group had taken some of the party boss’s devoted lieutenants.

“With a 60% vote share in the first round, we are winning this election. We feel secure because DP Ruto’s side has all the favorable circumstances.

“Riala is the king of polls, as we all know, and he has been in the lead for the past twenty years. Since Raila always prevails in the polls, we are generally happy to support them. However, when it comes to the voting, things are different, according to Namwamba.

Additionally, he denied allegations that Rigathi Gachagua, the MP for Mathira, was to blame for the Kenya Kwanza numbers declining, as seen in the most recent Infotrak surveys, due to his reckless remarks.

“Gachagua is the ideal option, in our opinion. We have no doubt that he has contributed vigor to our efforts because he personifies the hustler spirit and bottom-up concept that we support.

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