Kenya Kwanza is in a panic ahead of the August elections, as AISHA JUMWA initiates a fight with RUTO after realizing RAILA could win – Look! May


Deputy President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza in the coastal region is in disarray after it was revealed that Raila Odinga’s Azimio could win in August.

In a press conference yesterday, Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa accused Ruto of providing Raila an advantage in the coastal contest by naming a ‘failure’ in Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi as one of the county’s Kenya Kwanza coordinators.

She said that Kingi’s poor performance as governor of the county in the previous ten years threatened to erode Ruto’s support in the coastal region.

As a result, Jumwa asked that Kingi go through a cleansing process with county citizens before assuming the job put upon him; else, Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza will be doomed.

“We are concerned that his poor performance as county leader may harm UDA’s reputation in the county until he begins to clean up his act with the Kilifi people.” Aisha Jumwa, the UDA coordinator for Kilifi County, would be aided by Owen Baya, the MP for Kilifi North.”

“Kilifi residents are still concerned about how Kingi carried out his duties as county governor. As a result, we ask Deputy President William Ruto to begin making gains in Kilifi while sanitizing himself in order to consolidate the votes he was going to get in Kilifi,” the outspoken MP remarked.

Governor Kingi was accused by Jumwa of seeking to turn the county into a Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) Zone.

Even though Ruto has ruled out any type of zoning in Kenya Kwanza, this comes as a surprise.

“There will be no zoning in the county,” Kingi says. Kilifi is a UDA zone, as far as I know: six wheelbarrows.”


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