A man who thought he had a sore throat was later diagnosed with HIV and is now urging others to get tested.


Kyle Dallape, a male, has recounted how his ‘regular’ complaint of a sore throat turned out to be HIV cheval cheval.

Kyle Dallape, a marketing director from California, claimed on TikTok that he felt he had a sore throat but that there was nothing to worry about.

His doctor later diagnosed him with strep throat, a bacterial infection.

Weight loss, mouth thrush, and enlarged lymph nodes were among the symptoms the 27-year-old had, as was the bacterial illness recurring again.

He realized something was awry after losing 30 pounds.

He had been tested for HIV a few weeks before his initial diagnosis, and the results were negative, so he didn’t believe his symptoms were related.

He was identified with the virus after additional testing in June 2018, which saddened him.

“My worst dread had come true,” Kyle remarked.

“My parents, friends, and now-fiancĂ© all played a role in assisting me in starting therapy and realizing that my life wasn’t over.”

“A month later, I started Biktarvy, a once-daily HIV tablet, and by November of that year, I had attained undetectable levels of the virus.”

“Since then, my T-cell count has been steadily increasing, and my viral load has remained undetectable.”

He decided to tell his story on TikTok in order to raise awareness and break the taboo around HIV.

Kyle tells about how he lost 30 pounds and could hardly walk before having more testing to figure out what was wrong in a video that has over 163,000 views and one million likes.

The word “HIV” is written in the center of the screen, surrounded by a dark background, in the closing segment.

“Get checked often and ask your partners what their status is!” Kyle wrote in the description. “Knowledge is strength.”

“HIV is not what it used to be, thanks to advances in modern medicine, but society still has a long way to go,” Kyle continued.

“By putting a face to this, I wish to demonstrate how controllable this disease can be, and that those who are positive can live long and healthy lives with treatment.”

“It’s past time to put an end to the stigma.”


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