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How can I get a Smart Driving License?

This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for an NTSA smart driving license through the TIMS Online system in Kenya and receive it soon. The license is also known as a new generation driver’s license.

How to Get NTSA Smart Driving License in Kenya Quickly (Apply on TIMS portal)
Guide on How to Get NTSA Smart Card Driving License in Kenya Quickly and Applying on TIMS portal/Photo

What is the purpose of a driver’s smart card license?

A smart driving license is a technology-ready driver’s license. It comes with a chip that stores information on the driver, such as the type of accident he caused, his driving history, the vehicle he drove, and so on. It has taken the place of our old driver’s license. Kenya’s National Transport and Safety Board introduced it (NTSA)

What is the procedure for creating an account on the NTSA TIMS portal?

We previously described how to register an account on the NTSA TIMS portal. The NTSA TIMS Registration procedure can be found here.

How do you get a new smart driver’s license in Kenya?

Before applying for a smart driving license in Kenya, make sure you have copies of the following information in your mpesa: ID number, phone number, KRA PIN, and Ksh 3100. Let’s get this party started;

  1. If you don’t already have an account, go to the NTSA Tims portal sign in page or create one. If your account login information is incorrect,
  2. Go to the NTSA Likoni Office (this branch is recommended because it is less packed). It is situated on Nairobi’s Likoni Road.)
  3. Enter your id number as the username and password you used to establish your account on the login screen.
  4. Click Get the Code
  5. Your phone number will receive a verification code. Sign in by entering the code.
  6. Select the Tab for Driver’s License.
  7. Apply for Smart DL by clicking the button. Click the next button at the bottom of the page if all of your information is right.
  8. Activate the Pay Button
  9. You’ll be taken to the payment page after that. Choose a payment method, make a payment, and then click the Finish button.
  10. You will be led to a website displaying your invoice after clicking the complete button. To obtain a pdf of the invoice for security and reference, click the print option and then save.
  11. Return to the web page and click the Submit button after downloading.
  12. Choose a collection location and schedule a time for your biometrics to be taken. The color green indicates that a booking time and date are available, whereas the color red indicates that a booking time and date are not available on that day.)

You’ve completed the application procedure. You can always reschedule your appointment.

UPDATE: To obtain a smart license, you must make an appointment with the NTSA in order to avoid long lines. When your appointment time or day is ready, a sms will be sent to you. Simply log in to your account and select SmartDL appointment to schedule an appointment.

What is the length of time it takes to receive a smart driver’s license?

After your biometrics have been taken, it takes roughly 3 weeks to receive your smart driving license. However, as systems improve, the time spent waiting should have decreased dramatically (this waiting period is based on the day this post was published).

What is the best place to go for help with NTSA TIMS login and activation issues? (Phase 2)

Visit the Upperhill NTSA Headquarters and go to Counter 7, which deals with TIMS concerns. For account activation, make sure you have a copy of your parent’s ID, your ID, and your KRA pin. If you don’t mind the specifics, proceed to the next stage.

Make sure to bring some food (and money) with you because the lines are long.

Errors in NTSA Tims Login and Solutions (step 3)

When you into your NTSA TIMS account, the most common error is “User not found or the user does not have a registered cellphone number or login error.”

Replacement of ID could be the cause of the error. Your serial number changes whenever you replace your ID..

STEP 2 is the solution.

  • If you’re having trouble connecting, consider using another browser, such as Internet Explorer.
  • If your KRA pin is not recognized, please contact KRA for assistance.

Will the old driver’s license be accepted?

Yes, until 80% of drivers have obtained the Smart Driving License, the previous driver’s license will remain valid.


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