PELE, a football superstar who is 82 years old, is hospitalized due to heart and bodily swelling.


Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele is reportedly in the ICU with heart failure and edema all over his body.

According to ESPN Brasil, Pele, 82, who is presently receiving treatment for metastatic cancer, traveled to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo on Tuesday, November 29, for an unplanned visit. ESPN Brasil defines Pele’s condition as “debilitated.”

His wife, Marcia Aoki, and a caregiver brought him to the hospital, where medical personnel diagnosed him with “decompensated heart failure,” which limits the heart’s functional capacity, anasarca (global swelling), and an edematous syndrome (general edema).

Additionally, it has been reported that his chemotherapy is no longer effective. When he arrived at the hospital, where he had become restless, he was also given the diagnosis of mental confusion.
To further evaluate the organs that have been damaged by metastatic cancer, Pele will undergo a number of tests.

According to reports, the former footballer has trouble eating. Medical professionals are also planning to assess the possibility that he has hepatic encephalopathy, a nervous system ailment brought on by severe liver disease.

Kely Nascimento, Pele’s daughter who resides outside of Brazil, stated that there was no need for concern and that her father’s hospitalization was neither a surprise nor an emergency.

Lots of alarm in the media today about the health of my dad, she wrote on Instagram. He is hospitalized and managing meds.

There is neither an emergency nor a fresh dire forecast. I vow to upload pics when I’m there for New Year’s.


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