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See the young men’s faces who have been stealing and stabbing unsuspecting Kenyans; some of them were just let out of jail (PHOTOs).


Five young males have been detained as part of an intelligence-led operation in Nairobi’s Huruma area where they are thought to be responsible for violent acts.

Police got intelligence tips on Sunday regarding a group of alleged criminals hiding out in Huruma Grounds, according to Huruma Police Station OCS.

The goal of the operation was to remove them.

Three of the five were detained on the premises, and each was later found to be carrying a highly sharpened knife concealed beneath their pants.

They were identified as Kennedy Wamae, Bernard Musyoki, and Kelvin Mwaniki Lanjuki.
According to the police, “The second one is a jailbird who was freed a month ago and is thought to be the mastermind of robberies conducted in Huruma and Mathare.”

In addition, it’s thought that Lanjuki and ten other people robbed a local hospital employee while stabbing him with a knife.

Seven additional suspects fled in the direction of St. Martin, but police were able to apprehend two of them during a subsequent operation.

The five were processed and charged on Tuesday in front of the Makadara Law Courts.

Here are pictures of the alleged thugs.



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