“I’ve seen a change in how people treat me,” – After losing 40 kg in a year, a 21-year-old woman reveals her weight loss story (PHOTOs)


After reporting her remarkable 89 pound weight loss in just one year, a TikTok user surprised her fans.

Allie Tarvin, 21, a student from Alabama, United States, has suffered with her weight all of her life and claims that other students in her class used to make comments about it.

She began to feel worn out, lacked confidence, hated the way she looked, started to feel self-conscious about her appearance, and reached her heaviest weight of 217 pounds. She also admitted that she regularly ate fast food.

Last year, she made the decision to entirely change her lifestyle, including her food and exercise routine.

She now weighs 128 pounds after losing 89 pounds, and a year later, the shift has made a significant difference in her life. She claims that now, people are friendlier to her, and her confidence has increased.

Allie, who documents her metamorphosis on Instagram (@alliemae.fit), said, “I feel so happy and proud of my body today — I feel like a new person.”

“Every part of my body feels stronger, more confident, and healthier.”

I have been on diets for years, but I found that by restricting myself, I gave up more quickly.

I would occasionally drop a few pounds, but eventually put them all back on and then more.

“[These procedures] changed my taste buds, perception of smell, and menstrual cycle, and made me feel quite sick.”

I also attempted intermittent fasting, but it just led to binge eating.

I’ve always felt overweight and insecure about my appearance, and I’ve never felt comfortable in my skin.

“I was sick of constantly feeling unwell, and my weight was harming my mental health.”

“After weighing in at about 224 pounds, I felt very guilty and I made the decision right then and then to put in the work, no matter how long it would take or how difficult it would be.”

At her heaviest, she claims to have consumed a large McDonald’s breakfast combo along with a sweet tea, fried chicken and fries or tacos for lunch, and most nights, dinner out.

She also enjoyed milkshakes, chips, and any fried leftovers from the previous evening as snacks.

For lunch, she now has grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches, and for dinner, she has steak with a salad. She used to have eggs for morning.

She started working out in addition to changing her diet, and now visits the gym six times each week.

Prior to losing weight, she admitted, she hardly exercised and spent most days in bed, visiting the gym only up to two days per week.

I would mostly exercise by doing cardio without a plan, but I soon developed a liking for working out in the gym.

I began to exercise more frequently both inside and outside of the gym, where, during the height of my weight loss, I adhered to a schedule for five days a week.

I work out my entire body on Monday, then my biceps and triceps on Tuesday, then my legs on Wednesday.

On Thursdays, I concentrate on my back and chest, followed by a full cardio day on Friday and a weekend of rest.

“People have gotten more accepting,” I said in reference to my social life. I’ve seen a change in how others regard me; most are more welcoming or kind.

She decided to share her metamorphosis on TikTok in an effort to encourage others, and the video has received 7.8 million views and 1.1 million likes.

In the video, she first reveals her current figure before exposing her prior body while removing a waist trainer.


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