OZZY OSBOURNE, the singer, will undergo major surgery that will “define the remainder of his life.”


Ozzy Osbourne, the English musician, will undergo significant surgery today, June 13, that will ‘define the remainder of his life.’

Sharon, The Dreamer’s wife, has disclosed that she is returning to Los Angeles from London to be with her husband as he has the life-changing surgery next week.

‘[Ozzy] has a really important procedure on Monday, and I have to be there,’ she stated on the UK’s The Talk on TalkTV.

‘It’s going to have a huge impact on the rest of his life.’

Ozzy, 73, has Parkinson’s disease and was involved in a quad-bike accident in 2003, which resulted in metal rods being removed from his spine.

Ozzy was last seen in public in May, with the weak singer walking with a cane.

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