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HUDDAH MONROE explains why she doesn’t wear pantyhose in public and flaunts her new ‘honey pot.’

Huddah Monroe, a well-known city socialite, has disclosed that she does not wear panties when she leaves the house.

Huddah claims she despises panties so much that she doesn’t have a single pair in her cupboard.

She prefers to go commando even when she is on her monthly period.

She continued by boasting that her ‘honey pot’ is always fresh, which is why she does not conceal it like most girls.

She implied that women who wear pantyhose have foul private parts.

Panties are also a source of infection for her.

“I’m not a pantyhose person.” I don’t have any. Everyone, including my friends and partner, is perplexed as to why. But it’s this part that’s secret. It’s too good to be wrapped up right now. Panties are for those who have smelly private parts, and I believe you’ll need one to keep the odor at bay. I get infections from panties as well. She wrote, “I’m too fresh to stress to my yoni.”


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