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After only 8 months, RUTO’s government has become completely disconnected from reality, proposing more taxes on hustlers – LOOK! Enough is enough!


Kenyans continue to be strangled by taxes imposed by the administration of President William Ruto.

Ruto’s administration is recommending even more taxes for Kenyans despite the uproar over the Finance Bill, which will significantly raise the cost of life due to rising prices of basic commodities.

Geoffrey Ruku, a member of parliament for Mbeere North, asserted in an interview that Kenya had the lowest tax burden among other countries, and he suggested raising taxes even higher to fund various government initiatives.

According to Ruku, a Kenya Kwanza MP, raising taxes will subsequently improve the income collection, which will support essential programs like infrastructure, health care, and education.

“Steadily increasing our tax revenue is one of the paths we should go in. The Kenya Kwanza administration is currently recommending that we increase from 14% to 16%, and by doing so, we would be able to reach Ksh.2.8 trillion, which would be sufficient to finance developmental programs like education, the official said.

The MP continued by comparing the tax rates of Kenya and other nations, coming to the conclusion that Kenya is the least taxed nation, as opposed to South Africa, Botswana, Norway, Turkey, and Germany, which are, in his opinion, taxed more heavily.

He pointed out that the majority of Kenyans are unable to afford proper housing in the nation and that the government is developing a comprehensive plan to address the country’s slum problem.

He claimed that the lack of housing is a significant issue in the nation and forewarned that if action is not made to address the problem, Kenya will have more than 3000 slums in about 15 years.

He backed Ruto’s Finance Bill, which would have taxed salaried individuals in accordance with their income.

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