Home Editorial RACHEL RUTO, the first lady, vows prayers against homosexuality

RACHEL RUTO, the first lady, vows prayers against homosexuality

First Lady Rachael Ruto fellowshiping at St. Thomas Athi Catholic Church in Maua, Meru County. /TWITTER

The country will henceforth observe national prayers against homosexuality, according to First Lady Rachel Ruto.

The practice, in Ruto’s opinion, poses a danger to the family as a social unit.

“We want to enhance the institution of the family, which consists of a mother, a father, and children. Even in African culture and the Bible, homosexuality is not permitted. Let’s preserve family values, she stated on Sunday at a Meru county church service.

Prior to this, the First Lady established a Faith Diplomacy Office that, according to her, will promote a culture of prayer throughout the nation.

She stated that a program has been developed “to ensure family values are safeguarded” and that the Faith Diplomacy Office will carry prayers to the rest of the nation.

I want to ask for family-related prayers. The first lady was quoted by local media as saying, “The family has evolved into an institution that has been severely assailed.

She advised Kenyans to pay greater attention to family issues because the family structure is being threatened by the LGBTQ discussion.

LGBT acceptance and rights have been a topic of discussion in our nation for a while, with both proponents and opponents expressing their views.



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