XTIAN DELA reveals that he has tried to end his life twice


Xtian Dela, a disgraced social media star, has disclosed that he struggles with mental health issues after his mother claimed he hasn’t spoken to her in four years.

Xtian announced on his Twitter page that he had made two suicide attempts.

He bemoaned the fact that Kenya has the world’s worst online bullies.

He has been using social media for 16 years, but it never occurred to him that he might try suicide because of constant cyberbullying.

“I have made TWO attempts to end my life. I’ve been on social media for 16 years, but I never imagined that it would DESTROY my mental health. The worst bullies on social media are in Kenya. Unless someone like Xtian Dela actually KILLS themself, it’s ALWAYS “Fun,” he tweeted.

Once his mother accused him of cutting himself off from his family, Xtian became a popular topic.

All of his immediate family members, including his mother and brothers, have apparently been blocked by him.

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