Security guard now explains why he killed his first-year university boyfriend by strangling him to death with his bare hands – Look! Ladies, be cautious.


After confessing to killing his college sweetheart out of depression, the case of the security guard who did it has taken another turn.

On January 5, Ezra Kipkemei Kembo was accused of murdering Jeruto between December 26 and December 31 at Nakuru Criminal Court.

The suspect confessed to killing Phyllis Jepleting Jeruto, a student at Karatina University, in his residence before Nakuru Judge Theresa Matheka.

At the time of her passing, Jeruto was a first-year student seeking a bachelor’s degree in education.

In the Nakuru East sub-home county’s Kipkemboi’s at Naka estate, her decomposing body was discovered.
A subsequent post-mortem performed by pathologist Titus Ndulungu revealed that the deceased’s neck had been compressed.

According to Sunguti, “The doctor believed that the cause of death was hypoxia due to neck compression indicating human strangulation.”

Despite being aware of the severe penalties a murder conviction carries, Kipkemboi insisted that he killed Jeruto.

However, the security guard said that Jeruto’s death at his house caused him to experience despair.

In addition, Justice Matheka mandated that Kipkemboi undergo counseling while he was in custody after acknowledging a mental diagnostic report that established the fact that he had undergone depressive episodes.

Additionally, Justice Matheka commanded that the case be discussed on January 24 in order to determine the suspect’s fate.


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