SAKAJA demands that the owner of Kasahara’s collapsed building be charged with murder!


Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja called for the arrest of the developer of the ill-fated Kasarani Building that collapsed on Tuesday.
His office has been in contact with the DCI and police, saying they will find the developer and arrest him immediately.

Sakaja said Tuesday in Kasarani that the developer has never received a building permit from the city hall.

He said, “The developer does not have authorization from the county. There was a writ of execution, but with immunity he decided to move on. He needs to be charged with murder,” he said.

The district manager said the developer knew the building material standards were wrong and had neither a permit nor a writ of execution, but ignored it and proceeded with the work.

The governor sternly warned the shady developers involved in such construction that their lives were limited.

“I want everyone involved with such buildings to pay attention, either they will dismantle these buildings themselves or we will pick them up,” Sakaja said. keyword

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