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In the event that he does this, MARTHA KARUA, a difficult person to deal with, promises to resign from the RAILA ODINGA cabinet.

Martha Karua, the chairwoman of Narc Kenya, has finally provided an explanation for her decision to leave the administration of the late President Mwai Kibaki in April 2009.

Many Kenyans were astonished when Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Karua abruptly left the Kibaki administration.

Karua, the running partner of former prime minister Raila Odinga, claimed in an interview with a local TV station over the weekend that there was a lot of political meddling in her Ministry and that this is why she quit.

She claimed that she had spoken with the President and his advisers before deciding to resign.

Karua added that if Raila Odinga and his advisers battle her in the same way that President Uhuru Kenyatta permitted his juniors to fight his deputy, William Ruto, she will resign from the administration.

Karua, in contrast to Ruto, declared she would leave her position immediately and would no longer be paid to work in an office.

“When interference rendered my continued service in the Kibaki administration difficult, I gently withdrew from it. It is not acceptable to criticize the employer who pays your wage. My friend ought to have ceased pestering people and Kenyans, Karua remarked.


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