Kenyans are starving while infamous Nairobi fraudster MADOLLAR MAPESA sweeps wads of cash in a video. Why is DCI unable to arrest him?


In his well-known exposé on Nairobi’s “Wash Wash” crooks, Edgar Obare mentioned the well-known con artist Modollar Mapesa.

Innocent Kenyans have lost their hard-earned money as a result of his involvement in unscrupulous business dealings and the fabrication of phony currency.

After losing money to the flashy con artist, several individuals have come forward to expose him, but he is still at large.

To demonstrate that money is not a problem, he can be seen in this most recent video sweeping wads of cash across his opulent home on his Instagram account.

He allegedly pays corrupt police personnel to provide him with security, which is why he hasn’t been apprehended yet.

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