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You embarrass me greatly! You won’t believe this, but UHURU’s cousin insults the president on live television.

Captain (Rtd) Kung’u Muigai, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s first cousin, was extremely critical of both the president and his deputy, William Ruto, for their well-documented animosity.

Muigai claimed in an interview that Uhuru and Ruto had embarrassed the nation by getting into small-scale brawls in public.

He pointed out that he had attempted to mediate between the two leaders without success and suggested that the two should look for a silver lining in the circumstance and come to terms.

The Kikuyu Council of Elders’ patron, Muigai, stated that both politicians should provide a good example for the younger generation who look up to them as the current regime’s leaders.

“I brought Uhuru before the council of elders and demonstrated to him some ideals that should be upheld. Being the leaders of this nation, they are making Kenya look bad. I haven’t figured out what exactly is going on between them yet. Every now and again, I have questioned both of them. How will the younger generation view them when they abuse each other in front of them? ” He smiled.


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