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There is nowhere to run when OBURU, RAILA ODINGA’s brother, exposes the fabrications RUTO is spreading with his so-called Bottom-Up.


After been severely exposed by Raila Odinga’s elder brother Oburu and Siaya Senator James Orengo, Deputy President William Ruto may never again deceive Kenyans.

The two criticized Ruto for misleading Kenyans about his Bottom-Up economic approach in remarks made over the weekend.

Oburu questioned Ruto’s ability to fulfill his pledges to Boda Boda and local women’s organizations.

He attacked the DP, claiming that his economic strategy lacks a clear blueprint for how the money he had pledged will reach the bottom up.

Don’t spread false hope. What method will you employ to reach the general public with developments? Is it really a handout strategy where you take Ksh 500 billion and give it to Boda Boda and women? How will that benefit and advance them? Don’t trick them, Oburu pleaded.

There is nothing Ruto can accomplish that he couldn’t have done in the previous ten years, Orengo added, echoing Ruto’s thoughts.

Ruto’s economic strategy ran down the drain, according to Orengo, who claimed that he should have started Bottom-up during his ten years in office.

He also pointed out flaws in Ruto’s economic plan, claiming that, in contrast to Raila, who started devolution to accomplish that goal, Ruto’s plan lacks clear mechanisms for how resources will be distributed to ordinary folks.



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