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Keep an eye out for Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s deception of other bishops and pastors. This woman of God has been severely damaged by RUTO’s politics.


Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, the founder of the Jesus is Alive Ministry and a close friend of Deputy President William Ruto, came under fire on Monday after she deceived other pastors and bishops, angering many Kenyans.

Wanjiru recommended religious leaders to make their favored candidates, especially for the presidency, public during a Kenya kwanza interaction with leaders on Monday in Nairobi.

Bishop Wanjiru believes that church leaders ought to announce all of their chosen candidates from the pulpit.

Candidate Wenu: “Viongozi wa makanisa nawaomba msiaibike kusimama kwa madhabahu. Madhabahu tangaza wote kutoka.

Wenye tumeokoka na tuna madhabahu tusiwe na aibu ya kutangaza viongozi wenye tunataka waingie, said Bishop Wanjiru, “Wale ambao hawajaokoka wakienda kwa platforms zao hawana aibu ya kutangaza watu wao na sisi.”

However, several online users found fault with her thoughts and quickly voiced their disagreement.

A portion of online community members said that because churches are places of worship, politics of any kind need to be avoided in the pulpit.

Others argued that while the bishop had a right to her own opinion, the church was autonomous, therefore worshippers should be permitted to do it in peace.

Another segment claimed that the Bishop was bringing instability into the church because it contained members of many political ideologies.



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