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Mimi, pendi ujinga! A UDA lawmaker is expelled from RIGATHI GACHAGUA’s rally – Look! She was almost completely exposed!


After Caroline Muriithi, a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate for the Karumandi ward MCA, was expelled from Rigathi Gachagua’s rally at Kimiigua Youth Polytechnic in Kirinyaga County yesterday, rifts within the Kenya Kwanza coalition widened further.

Muriithi said in a statement to the media that she was expelled from the event by paid thugs at the request of Kenya Kwanza’s running mate, Rigathi Gachagua.

She observed that the police had to step in to protect her from the renegade goons.

“They were going to strip me, but law enforcement stopped them. They forcibly seized hold of me and started frog-marching me out of the forum as if I was an outsider,” she described.

Residents and UDA supporters swarmed about the scene to get a look of what was happening as the incident caught their attention.

As the thugs claimed she undercut a fellow UDA political leader stationed in Kirinyaga, Muriithi is confident the incident was a part of a larger plot.

Muriithi, who condemned the deeds, pointed out that the incident was intended to damage the reputation and standing of the Kenya Kwanza coalition, indicating tensions inside the partnership.

The camp of Deputy President William Ruto is dealing with a ferocious sibling rivalry that has caused several party leaders to publicly argue, even if the DP downplayed the consequences.



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