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My brothers, please refrain from spending money on women who are not your wives, advises Uhuru to Kenyan men who are married.


The National title deeds issuance program was launched today by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

One million of the six million title documents that must be distributed to various people and organizations across Kenya will be given to Kenyans as part of the initiative.

The Head of State urged those who received title deeds to retain them for their family and not abuse them while speaking at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

The President requested that the recipients refrain from treating the document as their own property, stating that the family owns it.

Let’s not see each of these documents as a separate owner.

“You and your family own this document, so sit down and make a plan together to see how you can use it to improve your lives and the lives of your family,” he said.

Jokingly advising married men against utilizing the title deeds as loan collateral without their spouses’ permission, Uhuru added that doing so might result in their losing their farm.

“Pesa ikiingia, akipitia mtaani anakutwa na kengine hapo, anasahau aliyeacha nyumbani, mali inaisha… (When the money checks in, he goes through the street and finds something else there, he forgets who left home, the property ends …) President Uhuru said.

The president also discussed the upcoming general elections on August 9 and advised Kenyans not to choose candidates who would roll back the advancements made in the lands sector.

I do implore you not to choose candidates who will put us in reverse and take us back to our starting point.

“We want people who will forward this agenda and make sure that every Kenyan has his or her own property and rights.”

Uhuru remarked, “Don’t take us back to the days of stealing and other things.

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