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Top 20 Largest Economies in the World by 2050

RankCountryProjected GDP (PPP)
1.China$58.50 trillion
2.India$44.13 trillion
3.United States$34.10 trillion
4.Indonesia$10.50 trillion
5.Brazil$7.54 trillion
6.Russia$7.13 trillion
7.Mexico$6.86 trillion
8.Japan$6.78 trillion
9.Germany$6.14 trillion
10.United Kingdom$5.37 trillion
11.Turkey$5.18 trillion
12.France$4.71 trillion
13.Saudi Arabia$4.69 trillion
14.Nigeria$4.35 trillion
15.Egypt$4.33 trillion
16.Pakistan$4.24 trillion
17.Iran$3.90 trillion
18.South Korea$3.54 trillion
19.Philippines$3.33 trillion
20.Vietnam$3.18 trillion

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