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RUTO wants to assassinate my children, RAILA claims after police smashed WINNIE ODINGA’s windscreen during yesterday’s protests


President William Ruto has been cautioned by Azimio leader Raila Odinga not to pursue his children.

This comes after cops broke the window of his daughter Winnie Odinga’s car during the demonstrations yesterday.

Raila posted pictures of Winnie’s car, which he said had been tampered with by policemen who he claimed were out to get her.

Several portions of the car were dented, and the bottom right corner of the windscreen was broken.

“My daughter Winnie has long been the target of this illegitimate regime’s enmity, and today they lost no time in destroying her vehicle.”

“Such despicable behavior shouldn’t be permitted, but we won’t be bullied. The folks behind Ruto should be ashamed of itself, said the former premier.

In addition, Raila disclosed that while leading a procession to Juja Road, the police had attacked his own car in an effort to hurt him.

These folks intend to murder us. They threw a tear gas canister at my windscreen, causing damage. Cowards will suffer numerous deaths before they pass away, but Azimio will live on,” he said.

After holding a meeting with the co-principals of Azimio at the Serena hotel in Nairobi, Raila’s ongoing conflicts with the police started.

He was prevented from entering the Central Business District by police using water cannons and tear gas canisters (CBD). When the group tried to use Haile Selassie Avenue, officers stopped them.

The route of the parade included City Stadium, Kamukunji, Eastleigh, and Juja Road. Tear gas and water from the cannon tank were used by police officers in their wake to scatter the procession’s backers.



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