Dramatic rescue by KDF of Deputy IG NOOR GABOW from encirclement by irate Baringo people


Noor Gabow, the deputy inspector general of police, was recently confronted by irate demonstrators who demanded an explanation for the banditry that has persisted in the North Rift region despite the presence of several police officers.

At Loruk, Baringo County, the angry protesters had stopped two kilometers of the road with stones in order to stop Gabow from leaving the area, claiming that he had failed his objective.

Additionally, the locals asserted that during the two weeks that Gabow had been in charge of managing the continuing security operations in the region, bandits had killed two people and injured five more.

As the crowd of demonstrators became larger, Gabow called for KDF, which arrived quickly to save him from the enraged locals. Before transporting him away from the scene, the KDF officers moved him to a waiting car.

Despite the KDF and other security personnel being heavily present, attacks have continued during his two weeks here.

There have been no arrests or cattle returns in any of the five incidents. We shall keep dying if we keep quiet, the protesters cried.

Also, the locals blamed Gabow, who had been there, for his inaction while being aware of their situation.

He apologizes daily for the killings, but no arrests have been made. The excuses are getting old on us. The irate residents said, “We want solutions.

The affected people also indicated that they feared that many of their schools would not reopen due to the ongoing banditry and that they feared for the lives of both the pupils and the teachers.


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