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After 31 police officers were injured in the Azimio protests, IG JAPHETH KOOME takes action against RAILA’s goons


A total of 31 police personnel were hurt during the Azimio large rallies in Nyanza and Nairobi, according to the National Police Service (NPS).

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome claims that seven of the injured cops were from Nyanza, while 24 were hurt in Nairobi. Along with one protester’s death in Maseno, there was also reported property destruction.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), according to Koome, has begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the police officers’ injuries.

We consequently strongly condemn the unjustified violence that was directed towards our officers who were carrying out their official responsibilities.

We want to let the public know that during yesterday’s protests, we detained 25 people and injured 7 officers in Nyanza; 10 police vehicles were damaged and 24 officers were hurt in Nairobi; and 213 people were detained.

After the two groups withdrew and shared lunch, demonstrators in Kisumu engaged police officers in running battles.

In Nairobi’s Outering Road, where demonstrators had blocked the street with stones and burning tires, the majority of police officers were hurt.

Embakasi police chief James Makau and his underlings were among those hurt at Outering Road.

The police bemoaned the fact that the protest organizers claimed to be peaceful before attacking the guards who were stationed outside crucial sites.

The Inspector General of Police stated that despite the blatant provocation staged by the Azimio La Umoja fans, his officers maintained their composure and professionalism.

However, he regretted that rioters broke into Maseno Police Station even after officers exercised restraint, followed the law, and successfully contained the situation.

In the process, one male student from Maseno University was slain by the officers, according to IG Koome, who also added that property was destroyed.



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