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RAILA ODINGA’s mass action is treason and will result in a bloodbath in the country, according to PLO LUMUMBA


The leader of the Azimio One Kenya alliance, Raila Odinga, and his supporters have recently threatened to lead nationwide protests beginning next week. Renowned constitutional lawyer and scholar PLO Lumumba has called their threats an attempt to overthrow the government and said that their actions are treasonous.

On Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) on Wednesday night, Lumumba said that if the protests in Kisumu on Wednesday were a sign of Raila and his supporters taking over the State House, then their action would violate the freedom to hold peaceful protests and devolve into anarchy.

Mass action presumes and demands that leadership refrain from using demonstration as a pretext for causing confusion.

Using methods that are accepted and acting in conformity with the law are key, according to Lumumba.

When it comes to chaos and a carnage within the House on the Hill, Lumumba warned that if Odinga and his supporters carry out their threats and burst into the State House.

“Kenya will never be the same again if there is a march on State House on the 20th and God forbid the mob manages to get into State House and suppose that someone is shot dead and there is a stampede there will be a blood bath.”

What occurs on January 21st?

What is the goal, he asked.

The outspoken attorney advised Raila to hold the current leadership accountable using established institutions rather than resorting to illegal tactics that could endanger the nation.

I haven’t yet come across a petition from an Azimio member or governor claiming that the nation is in a crisis.

“Using the constitution to scare Kenyans cannot be right.”

It must be criticized without fear because it is indecent, selfish, unwanted, and wicked, Lumumba stated.



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