Interior CS KITHURE KINDIKI prohibits low-altitude flights in 8 areas with a high banditry risk


Prof. Kithure Kindiki, Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Administration of National Government, has banned low-altitude aircraft from flying over disturbed areas in parts of the North Rift region as police and Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) intensify a multi-agency operation to combat crash banditry.

Kindiki stated on Sunday that only aircraft involved in the ongoing security campaign will be permitted to operate in the area.

“Aside from aircrafts participating in the ongoing security operation, low altitude overflight by any other aircraft over any of the aforesaid areas is hereby BANNED with effect from Monday 13th March 2023 0830 HOURS until further notice,” Kindiki said Sunday in Malaso, Samburu, as he announced new security measures in the six troubled areas in the Kerio Valley Belts.

The declaration of a no-fly zone comes amid reports that some powerful shadowy figures have been using choppers to transport weapons and ammunition, as well as fighters in some cases.

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