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DP RIGATHI GACHAGUA attacks the United States while warning the West about LGBTQ rights in Kenya


Rigathi Gachagua, Kenya’s Vice President, has warned Western countries, including the United States, against imposing LGBTQ rights in the country.

Gachagua claimed yesterday at the start of the Eldoret Agricultural Show that the government of President William Ruto does not and will never allow LGBTQ community rights in the country.

The DP cautioned the West not to press for LGBTQ rights in Kenya because the Kenya Kwanza government will never allow it.

“Hawa wazungu wasituletee haya maneno hapa,” he said. Tuliwafukuza hapa tukipigania ukoloni wakiwa mashamba yetu. “Wasitukasirishe tena, hiyo maneno wanajaribu kusukuma hapa ati mwanaume aoe mwanaume haiwezekani,” Gachagua said.

Meg Whitman, the US Ambassador to Kenya, previously declared that the US government respects Kenya’s position on LGBTQ rights.

“In our opinion, each country must make its own judgments regarding LGBTQ rights. In the United States, we take a different stance, viewing LGBTQ rights as human rights, but we appreciate every country’s view on what position they want to take on this, and we will respect that, but our democratic principles, in the way we feel, are different, and that’s fine.”

“We have had a very close working relationship for many years, and the Kenyan government is aware of the US stance on this, but we also respect Kenya’s point of view on this specific subject,” she said.

Whitman also denied rumors that the US government donated humanitarian food and drugs to Kenya following the Supreme Court’s decision on LGBTQ rights.

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