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RUTO’s government raids China Square’s stores and seizes counterfeit products worth Sh50 million

Once President William Ruto’s administration conducted a store raid and recovered counterfeit items worth millions of shillings, the debate surrounding China Square took a new turn.

According to reports, the Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) raided the location and seized goods worth Ksh50 million in order to look into allegations of intellectual property infringement.

The local business claims to be the only distributor of Finder items in the nation and to hold the domain name Finder.

Ibrahim Bule, regional manager for ACA, confirmed that a thorough examination was conducted to determine whether China Square had violated the trademark claims.

According to reports, a Kenyan business claimed ownership of the trademark finder, a term offered at China Square for products bearing the finder brand.

“We searched the area, and we’re still looking into the matter. They are fairly marketed goods from various brands. After we finish our investigations, we will be able to make a statement, Bule said.

The legal team for China Square asserted that they are collaborating with the government and the Kenyan business to end the deadlock.

“As you saw, ACA authorities have arrived at the location to inspect the products. They conducted the inspection, and investigations are still underway, according to China Square’s advocate Josephine Oyombe.


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