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Following a failed skin-tightening operation, a woman was left with a “lizard” neck (PHOTOs)


A woman’s cosmetic surgery went horribly wrong, leaving her with a neck that resembles a “lizard.”

After going on a diet, Jayne Bowman, 59, from Hampshire, paid £500 to have fibroblast work done to tighten the skin around her neck.

A machine zaps a high-frequency electric current into the skin during fibroblast therapy to promote tissue regeneration.

However, Jayne was left with numerous red blotches and scars as a result of the treatment she underwent from a beautician she found on Facebook.

The dots finally disappeared, but Jayne found the experience to be a hassle. She is now advocating for greater rules on the procedure and wants to spread the information.

A representative for the Department of Health and Social Care emphasized the significance of selecting’reputable, safe, and qualified’ professionals while undergoing cosmetic operations.

I always wear a scarf when I go out, Jayne declared. In actuality, I detest being outside; I’d much prefer go outside in the rain, where I can wear a hood and no one can see me.

Although there are many poor beauticians out there, I’m not criticizing all of them because they aren’t all the same. Remain with professionals.

After a diet left Jayne with nothing but a “ugly double chin,” she looked into cosmetic operations.

I was very proud of my recent weight loss, but I loathed having a double chin because of the extra skin that had been left behind.

Can anyone recommend a place for me to have Botox on my double chin? she asked on Facebook.

A beauty therapist’s communication concerning a procedure termed “fibroblast plasma” suddenly appeared.

I looked at her page and saw that she had excellent reviews and met all the requirements, Jayne stated.

But as soon as I arrived home, my neck started to burn.

Weeks passed, other than terrible scarring, nothing had changed. I had brow dots all over my chest and chest, hundreds of them. I appeared to be a reptile!

All that was left of me were obtrusive red dots on my neck.

I was unable to bear leaving the house due to the horrific scarring.

Jayne, who was born and raised in Mountain Ash, South Wales, but now resides in Hampshire, spoke with a lawyer, but they were unable to further with her. She posted an unfavorable review on Facebook, but it backfired.

Soon after, she claimed, the police phoned her, alleging that she had been harassing the beautician. I was completely shocked.

But when the other folks messaged to tell that the same had occurred to them, I knew I was in the right.

“I’m fighting hard right now, and I’ve even started a petition to demand far stronger rules for the beauty industry.

I only want justice after getting murdered at the beauticians; money is not what I’m pursuing.

“It has truly been a living nightmare, and I am carrying the scars to show it,” she said.

Anyone considering a cosmetic operation should take the time to identify a reputable, safe, and qualified practitioner and evaluate the potential impact of surgery on both their physical and mental health, according to a representative for the Department of Health and Social Care.

Patient safety must always come first, thus we are debating whether there has to be more precision about the classification of treatments as well as better, more durable safeguards for the regulation of those who offer them.

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