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MULAMWAH reveals CAROL SONNIE, the mother of his Kikuyu child, is seeing a “MBABA” – claims the dude is threatening to kill him and posts proof.

After he accused her of dating a sponsor, the conflict between comedian Mulamwah and his baby mother Carol Sonnie has reemerged.

Mulamwah revealed to his followers that he had conducted research and found evidence that Sonnie was dating a married man who was 60 years old and who was paying for her lifestyle.

In order to support his assertions, he released images of the man’s wife.

Just days after Sonnie declared that she is dating, Mulamwah made her revelations.

She has been sharing pictures of herself having fun with an enigmatic male while concealing his face.

She had intended to throw a party to expose the identity of the enigmatic man she has been parading online, but her ex-lover Mulamwah claims that he is a “Mbaba.”

The posts by Mulamwah exposing Sonnie’s “Mbaba” are listed below.


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