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MUDAVADI likens Kenya to Sri Lanka and implores Kenyans to support DP RUTO in order to boost the country’s economy.


Musalia Mudavadi, the leader of the Amani National Congress (ANC) party, compared Kenya’s economy to that of Sri Lanka and warned Kenyans to prepare for the worst in the 30 days leading up to the August 9th presidential election.

Sunday during a church service at Saint Patrick’s ACK in Isinya-Kajiado County, Mudavadi claimed that Sri Lanka, where corrupt government leaders sold ports and railroad stations, was in a similar situation to Kenya.

Numerous demonstrators descended on Sri Lanka on Saturday, and after thousands of them stormed their homes in rage over the country’s dire economic problems, the President and his Prime Minister were forced to resign.

Since most Kenyans don’t trust their politicians, Mudavadi claimed that Kenya is similar to Sri Lanka in this regard.

“Those who follow news updates observed how Sri Lankan citizens have been pressured yesterday (Saturday, July 10th). They came to the conclusion that elections were not relevant. They then drove the Prime Minister and their president from their home and set fire to the state residence.

They have gotten to the point where they no longer believe in elections. They now think that each man should look out for himself,” Mudavadi stated.

Sri Lanka, like Kenya, is in serious debt, according to Mudavadi.

In order to cut the debt and high prices of products, particularly Unga and fuel, he urged Kenyans to elect Deputy President William Ruto as President in August.



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